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The Nobel Prize for Peace Bagged by Journalists this Year

The Nobel Peace Prize has favored journalism this year, selecting Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov…

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Here Are the Latest Developments Surrounding Planet Jupiter

On the night of September 13, Brazilian amateur astronomer José Luis Pereira captured a bright…

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Malaysia Debates On Entry of Transgender Community into Mosques

Officials of Malaysia are now considering a ban on transgender and gender-nonconforming people entering mosques…

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Why a Show Like ‘The Activist’ Isn’t All that Unexpected

Reality TV was first introduced as a frivolous and inconsequential form of entertainment to rake…

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Angela Merkel Steps Down as German Chancellor with a Starry Legacy Behind

The German Chancellor has stepped down from office, with a lot of wins to prove…

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jeff bezos

Immortality and Anti-aging are Jeff Bezos’ Latest Projects

Being the richest man in the world surely unlocks doors to the impossible, as it…

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