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Airline Just for Influencers and Creators


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Airline Just for Influencers and Creators

Willa Air, a new airline on the block is catering to only the famous. Here, by ‘famous’ ironically doesn’t hint towards an Olympic medalist or an actor. Just passing as a TikToker or an Instagram influencer would make you eligible to use the company’s service.

Willa is an online payments company targeting social media influencers/creators. They help them receive payments quickly from brands, sponsorship and other collaborations taking place. Launched in 2019, this payment platform has now broadened their business perspective. Willa Air is promising to take 12 influencers to the famous music festival – Coachella. The travel comes free of cost. According to the website, the airline will be providing first class services to these influencers. The passengers will have access to a pre-flight champagne bar. Post Coachella, the airline would be hosting the guests in the company’s Venice Beach lounge in Los Angeles.
The company’s new scheme is like killing two birds with one stone. The influencers would be promoting the airline while also socializing with other creators on board.

Aron Levin, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Willa, in a press release said, “We launched Willa Air to provide superfast and convenient travel for the content creators who are jetting off to events across the U.S,”. He later adds, “Willa was founded with the mission of helping creators, and quick, seamless travel is one of the many ways we are supporting our audience.”
The company is also planning to take influencers to the upcoming fashion week events in the month of September.

Process Of Selection

The process of selection isn’t a tough task. The company claims that there is no minimum requirement of followers. The influencers have to be 18 or over. Willa Air is currently taking applications for the free Coachella flight until the 8th of April. By the 11th, the company will let the participants know if they’re chosen. Willa Air however stated that they’d prefer influencers who are already customers of Willa Payment services.

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Though the scheme is sure to lure many influencers and customers, the influencers will have to pay for Coachella tickets. The ticket to the festival starts at roughly $550 and can go up to over $1000, excluding tax and other fees.

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