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Sabyasachi Collaborates with Starbucks India


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Sabyasachi Collaborates with Starbucks India

Renowned Indian Fashion Designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has come forward to collaborate with Starbucks, but this time for a greater cause.

Starbucks India X Sabyasachi is the latest partnership that everyone is talking about. Released on the 12 April, the collection includes ceramic mugs and steel tumblers and has a fresh spring themed tone. The drinkware has signature art prints called Toile de Jouy flora and fauna from Mukherjee’s Art Foundation.

The designer admits to Telegraph India about being a Starbucks fan. He shares, “Personally, I’m a big fan of Starbucks. We go back a long way even if they don’t know it! Back in the day as a young designer figuring my way and brand out in New York, my day would begin at Starbucks.”
He states that one of the reasons for choosing Starbucks is the alignment in their ideologies and philosophies.
While creating the fusion between the two brands, he aimed at sticking to the idea of “Iconic”. “Their coffee mugs and tumblers are probably the most iconic merchandise because of their direct link to coffee culture. And for me, I wanted to celebrate the iconic”, says the designer.

He further highlights that his collaboration is for the greater cause — education of girls. “Educating a girl child is a cause very close to my heart”, expresses Mukherjee. In the past, he has also designed uniforms for the Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School in Jaisalmer.

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The fund raised through the collection will sponsor the education of 3,000 girls. The coffee chain’s famous name call-out post placing an order will now be replaced with a thank you note from the girls as a gesture of acknowledgment.

When Sabyasachi hinted this collaboration on Instagram, the internet was divided into two. While the unexpected collaboration impressed and excited some, others found the union quite odd. Previously, when H&M and Sabyasachi came together for a fashion line, it created havoc. The exorbitant price range and a few unflattering clothing/accessory pieces were quick to become a target on the internet. The recent collaboration has a price range of 1,500 rupees – 2,500 rupees. However, Mukherjee has explored and expanded the narrative of his vision through his choice of collaborations. He goes beyond just fashion. Sabyasachi X Starbuck India is one such prime example.

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