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Here’s how Netflix will no longer allow password sharing outside your household


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Here’s how Netflix will no longer allow password sharing outside your household

Sorry, friends of generous Netflix account owners. You may soon have to pay for your own subscription. After initially announcing the crackdown in January, Netflix has now detailed its plans to end password sharing.

To have uninterrupted access to Netflix, you must log into the app or website from your device at least once every 31 days while being connected to the WiFi at your primary location. You can then use that “trusted device” to watch Netflix anywhere else, as long as you’re logging in from your primary network once every 31 days. Otherwise, Netflix will block your device and you will need a temporary access code to log back in. You can also request a code if you want to log into a new device from a different location while travelling.

Unsurprisingly, most people are not in favour of this decision. Users won’t be able to lend their passwords to friends anymore, but it will also become difficult for family members who are travelling for extended periods of time or live in different households to share an account.

Some Twitter users have pointed out that restricting a Netflix account to one household, or one primary WiFi network doesn’t take into consideration college students living away from home, divorced families or people in long-distance relationships who share an account. College students especially are expressing their annoyance online, saying they will perhaps have to migrate to a different streaming platform.

However, Netflix has removed the help document that outlined these changes, so it is likely they will make more changes to the new rules before implementing them. Given that users are not responding well to the end of password sharing, one can hope for some tweaks that will make the whole thing less of a headache.

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