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Indian drivers are among the worst in the world, study reveals


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Indian drivers are among the worst in the world, study reveals

India is no stranger to horrible driving conditions. Terribly-maintained roads and badly implemented traffic rules have plagued the country for decades. Any appeals to improve conditions seem to fall on deaf ears. So it’s not quite a surprise that India might have amongst the world’s worst drivers. A recent study by UK insurance company Comparethemarket ranked India fourth amongst the worst drivers in the world. Thailand topped the list and the survey also listed Japan as having the world’s best drivers. 

The organisation studied drivers in more than 50 nations to compile a list of the world’s greatest and worst drivers. The company did state that the analysis of this study is subjective since it is difficult to assess individual drivers’ knowledge. The study takes into account things like the state of the roads, the posted speed limit and more. It highlights the clear need for continued efforts to improve road safety in India and around the world. 

Poor road conditions are not the only cause of accidents. Recently, there has been a surge in road rage incidents around the country, especially in metropolitan cities. In the Rajouri Garden area in New Delhi, a man was dragged on the bonnet of a car in January. Delhi Police said they arrested the accused and booked him under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. Last year in November, a motorcycle rider beat up a pharmacy owner after his car brushed against the motorcycle in the Dayalpur area of Delhi.

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The latest report by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways stated that there were 449,002 road accidents in 2019. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data from 2021, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol contributed to 1.9% of deaths from accidents. Further, nearly 90% of deaths on the road were due to speeding, overtaking and dangerous driving. According to the World Bank’s data from 2019, India ranked first among the top 20 countries for road accidents.

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