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ChatGPT may soon be able to automatically reply to your WhatsApp messages


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ChatGPT may soon be able to automatically reply to your WhatsApp messages

Lately, the tech world can’t get enough of ChatGPT. It has the ability to provide answers to almost any question, compose poetry, offer riddles, code and more. Now it might add a new feather to its multi-purpose cap. 

ChatGPT may soon be able to reply to text messages on your behalf, thanks to a Python script that allows it to integrate with WhatsApp. The new addition comes from developer Daniel Gross, who uses his AI-based conversation skills to reply to text messages on his popular instant messaging platform. However, this feature is not yet official, and neither OpenAI nor Meta support AI-based messaging on their platform. 

With this new feature, you can quickly and easily manage your WhatsApp messages from one convenient place. You can set up a series of automated responses, such as “Thank you!” or “I’ll get back to you!” to quickly respond to incoming messages. Currently, some phones allow automated messages like this for calls, but the same feature for text messages is unheard of.

Gross posted all the details and shared the files required to execute this WhatsApp-ChatGPT integration. The user will have to download a language library. Then, they must open the “WhatsApp-gpt-main” file and execute the “” document, which initializes the ChatGPT setup on WhatsApp. Once the server is running, users need to type “Is”, hit enter, and select “python” to set up their registered phone number on the OpenAI chat page. All they have to do now is to click on the “Confirm I am a human” box to verify their account. 

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Since the integration is not official, there are undoubtedly several risks to this mod. There may be security and privacy concerns. Ultimately, ChatGPT is AI, and it may not understand deeper and more complex nuances of human interaction, which could lead to miscommunication. Before you go ahead and download the integration, there may be legal implications to using an unofficial integration like this one depending on where you live.

However, the integration can serve some useful purposes. The Indian government’s Ministry of Electronics and IT is creating a WhatsApp chatbot that takes information from ChatGPT and can provide answers in local languages. It will benefit India’s large agrarian population who are beneficiaries of government schemes and subsidies.

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging platform worldwide, with millions of users relying on it for daily communication. It will be a while before the integration can function near-flawlessly. Although, it is certainly a good feature for when you’re too busy to respond to messages.

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