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Arijit Singh is now 3rd most followed Spotify artist globally


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Arijit Singh is now 3rd most followed Spotify artist globally

Arijit Singh is now 3rd most followed Spotify artist globally

Indian playback singer Arijit Singh is now Spotify’s third-most-followed artist, surpassing global music sensations Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

With this, Arijit becomes the first Indian artist to find a place in Spotify’s list of the most followed singers. With a career spanning longer than a decade, Singh has left a lasting impression on audiences with his hit numbers like Tum Hi Ho, Jhoome Jo Pathaan, Tu Hai Toh Phir Mujhko Kya Chaihiye, Kesariya, Apna Bana Le and more. He kicked off his career after his Guru asked him to compete in the singing reality show Fame Gurukul, which aired in 2005. The singer became a part of the show at the age of 18.

Currently, Ed Sheeran takes the top spot on the list of most followed artists on Spotify, followed by Ariana Grande in the second position. Many think that the Spotify algorithm does not necessarily define an artist’s success, especially as the platform has been marred with several controversies in recent years. For starters, most musicians don’t find Spotify to be a lucrative platform to host their music. Even when artists get millions of streams, the success rarely translates into actual dollars.

Regardless, this accomplishment speaks volumes of the overwhelming popularity Singh has garnered worldwide. With his soul-stirring voice, Arijit Singh has managed to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying his position as a modern Indian music maestro. Many Indian fans celebrate him for his emotional and expressive voice, earning him a large fan base and several awards for his contributions to the music industry.

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Though it’s worth noting Swift and Eilish still have more monthly listeners on Spotify than Singh. Monthly Spotify listeners are basically unique individuals who have played the artist’s music track within 28 days. It lets you see the number of Spotify listeners playing their music. For many Spotify artists, the number of listeners is higher when compared to the number of followers. The listener’s data tells artists about the number of plays on their music tracks. On the other hand, followers are those who follow or like a Spotify artist profile. Spotify still suggests that both are highly significant metrics that one can never overlook. Although there is no particular feed for followers to identify new songs, Spotify focuses on the likes of Discover Weekly and Release Radar to drive new music streams. 

As of now, Singh has more monthly listeners on Spotify than the K-pop group BTS, thus taking the top spot in Asia.

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