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Ten ASMR channels that will blow your mind and put you to sleep right after


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Ten ASMR channels that will blow your mind and put you to sleep right after

ASMR videos, or autonomous sensory meridian response videos, use the tingling sensations that occur due to specific audio stimuli, like tapping, scratching or crinkling, slow hand movements, eating, and whispering, to name the basic few.

In recent years, the scientifically backed benefits of its use, including improved moods, better sleep, deeper concentration, lower blood pressure, and more, have skyrocketed its popularity on the internet.

YouTubers started out emulating the sensations by roleplaying, intricately building sets, props, and costumes, and diving into surrounding details of the world while using the microphone to focus on the audio to give the listener the most intimate experience as close to real as possible. Here are ten of the best channels facilitating viewers to better sleep.


1. Moonlight cottage ASMR:


Started by French creator Diane, the videos are described as a blend of cinematic and historical visuals and narratives that help relax the user. Some of her popular videos include Harry Potter wand shop roleplay, Steampunk Optometrist roleplay, or the process of brewing tea.




The channel has created a cinematic universe where all the art direction and intricately built stories shown through the videos are interlinked. The user, as the main character, becomes an active participant in the experience as they collect and recollect information and put together hints and storylines.


3. Karl Asmr:


Karl, the creator, speaks to a Gen-Z audience by performing or role-playing trendy character archetypes. Examples include Dark Academia asmr, Mad Doctor experiments asmr, and Skincare therapy for Autumn asmr.  


4. Angelica:


Angelica is a long-known figure in the community for her whimsy and wit-infused characters and ramblings in extremely specific situations from all time periods.


5. Nefertiti ASMR:


The channel incorporates nature-based and stimulating visual triggers with plenty of foliage, celestial symbols and baubles, candles, and twinkling lights and tends personal attention to their guests, to create a mood of serenity for the viewer.


6. Made in France:


This channel describes itself as “the Netflix of ASMR” and shows movie-based and cinematic videos to help viewers relax. Some examples include Indiana Jones and John Wick-themed videos.


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The creator is a Korean asmr artist, who uses toys, clay, glitter, other cutesy tools, or simply illustrations on her iPad to create playful stories and characters. Some of her popular videos show the process of scaling jewels built up in the mouth of a clay rock, guiding a snail through a shell care appointment, or a massage treatment for a cuddly bear.


8. Miracle Forest asmr:


 The cosy videos of different settings found on the channel are made by VFX artist and sound designer Melinda, with eerie themes of fantasy and the recognisable signature creatures.


9. TeraVibe: 


Is an immersive experience channel by Tera, with mystical and tantalising visuals, which have two versions: with ambient music and without.




The videos are heavily focused on audio and are designed especially for those who don’t easily feel ASMR, using 3Dio microphones specially designed for the ear.

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