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Fenty Hair: Rihanna Continues to Win at Inclusivity (and Business)


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Fenty Hair: Rihanna Continues to Win at Inclusivity (and Business)

Celebrities are fighting to make it big by launching brands of their own. Pioneered by Kylie Jenner with her eponymous makeup brand, stars are inundating the beauty industry with brands of their own. And it seems to be a cut-throat market too, as brands struggle to draw customers and retain them. But global pop-star Rihanna seems to have withstood the unsteady troubles in the arena. Her brainchild, Fenty, has emerged as one of the biggest names dominating the market.

Rihanna just launched Fenty Hair, a haircare line aimed at replenishing hair strength and also offers ease in styling. The singer says that hair “has always been very personal” to her, and that her hair looks have been a part of her journey to where she is now. Rihanna said at her launch party how Fenty Hair is her “baby,” with nearly four years of work behind it. And just like Fenty Beauty, Fenty Hair is for everyone.

Fenty: Rihanna’s rebellious all-inclusive brand

Rihanna has always championed inclusivity in Fenty’s branding, a reason why the brand has acquired its elite status in the market. Launched in 2017, Fenty Beauty was the singer’s debut into the beauty market. It was a revolution in the makeup arena, launching with a whopping 40 shades of foundation. It catered to a whole new range of skin colors that remained unaddressed by other parties. Fenty was lauded for its darker shades, and became an example of how to cater to and appreciate differences.

For example, a new cosmetics brand called Youthforia became the talk of the town after beauty influencer Golloria tried its darkest shade. She called it “tar in a bottle,” and rightly so — the foundation lists black iron oxide as the only pigment in it. Youthforial launched 4 years after Fenty had already monetised the variety of skin shades to cater to, and this is what it presented to its audience on the darker side of shade spectrum.

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No celebrity comes close to Rihanna, an entrepreneurial queen

No other brand can do what Fenty does, making it an uncontestable competitor in the market. There’s simply no competition with Fenty. Rihanna became a member of the world’s billionaire club, courtesy of Fenty’s immense success. Fenty Beauty today holds a commanding net worth of $2.8 billion. Other stars like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande too have their own makeup lines, but Rihanna has built a special bond with  her audience via Fenty, solely because she thought of the women ignored by brands because of complexion. It also helped change the media narrative around darker skin, giving space for women of every color to be in the spotlight via the brand.

Fenty Hair, too, approaches audiences with this exact idea, after having been tried and tested on multiple hair types. Scheduled for an online release on 13th June, the line is already seeing rave reviews by those able to access it earlier. Becoming an industry icon can be simple if one is dedicated to serving the under-represented sections of the society, and Rihanna is proof of that.

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