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US Presidential Debate: Both Trump and Biden Fail at Drawing Public Support


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US Presidential Debate: Both Trump and Biden Fail at Drawing Public Support

No TV show can match up to the drama that unfolded last Thursday’s US Presidential Debate. Current President Joe Biden and a vindictive Donald Trump faced off against each other on live TV. Their arguments have got the world talking, but for all the wrong reasons. The debate covered important topics like the Russia-Ukraine War, the genocide in Gaza, and abortion rights in the US. And yet, neither candidate delivered anything constructive on either matter. The debate is indicative of the fact that neither candidate seems to be the best at fulfilling the demands that the President of the United States is obliged to. 

Age, economy, immigration policies, and the Jan 6 riots: Who said what in the Presidential debate

In the debate, the most attention-drawing factor was Biden’s slow start and fumbles while speaking. His age-related slowness has not escaped the public eye, and has been a talking point for a long time now. Trump, in his character as always, mocked Biden as a result of it. “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he does either,” he remarked. Trump also, uncharacteristically, was reserved in his bitter comebacks compared to last year’s elections. 

But despite his sluggish state, there was some truth to Biden’s arguments. Trump banked on his usual strengths like praising himself for the US’s economy under his presidency, and harsh border policies. Biden blamed Trump for the current state of the economy, citing his handling of the pandemic, and that it was in “free fall.” “What we had to try to do was put things back together again, and that’s exactly what we began to do,” he added. 

Trump claimed to be the picture of innocence, flat out denying all the criminal accusations against him. This is where Biden will always have the upper hand over Trump. The January 6 riots was a topic that Biden seemed to have more control of. Trump dumbly said House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the blame for the riots (cue facepalm). Pelosi went on record to say she took responsibility for the response to those attacks, being heavily involved in getting the situation under control. Trump has not shied away from supporting the attacks, calling the rioters “warriors.” The Los Angeles Times also reported that Trump is considering pardoning all those convicted when back in power. Also, Trump doesn’t like Pelosi very much. He would’ve been praising the latter too had she taken any responsibility for the attacks. 

Same-same, but different: Biden and Trump on the Israel’s decimation of Gaza

Israel’s siege on Gaza had the two on the same side, but had different approaches. Biden, for the umpteenth time, vocalized his support for Israel, and will “provide Israel with all the weapons they need and when they need them.” Under his presidency, the US has vetoed multiple ceasefire resolutions at the UN. Israel also rejected a ceasefire plan that was drafted by the US itself. 

Trump tried to outshine Biden’s approach by accusing him of becoming a  “Palestinian.” And he also added that Biden was a “bad” and “weak” Palestinian. This statement is the single most appalling one among everything that was said at the debate. Trump makes the Palestinian ethnicity a slur, while also adding Biden to the side he hates. In fact, he wants to diminish US involvement, “let [Israel] go” (to continue their siege without restrictions) and “finish the job.”

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Presenting the US Presidential candidates: A flustered, aging man vs. a Megalomaniac

What transpired in the presidential debate did not seem like an intelligent debate between candidates vying for the most powerful position in the world. Instead, it came off as a tiff between children, fighting for their seat. Surprisingly, it was Trump that insisted that their dynamic not mirror that of children. Biden fired back at him, saying, “You are a child.” Trump however, continues claiming that he was the best president ever, despite the slew of criminal cases against him. These are the candidates fighting to rule the country that has the power to change global history.

This year’s election is easily one of the most important ones for the US. It comes at a time when America is grappling with both domestic and international criticism for supplying arms to Israel. A return to far-right autocracy looms with Trump being the only other alternative to Biden. America is no longer the highest standard for a democratic country. Problem is, neither candidate has solid plans to help better the condition. Regardless of whoever wins the elections, America will slip into a dystopia.

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