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How Quiet Luxury is making High-Fashion appealing to everyone


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How Quiet Luxury is making High-Fashion appealing to everyone

High fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea, period. A majority of people are exhaustively exposed to luxury brands, despite not being able to afford them. This constant blaring of high fashion everywhere around them will naturally be off-putting. Breaking through this overload of in-your-face fashion is quiet luxury. The trend is in stark contrast to more lively and out-there ones dominating the fashion space. Like the name suggests, quiet luxury is understated high-fashion that is capable of making a statement. The goal is to communicate one’s ambitious mentality and no-nonsense take on life, rather than simply being the center of attention. While not as popular as other fashion trends, quiet luxury sure is a sight for sore eyes, at a time when high-fashion solely means to be shock-worthy and simply conversation-starters.

What quiet luxury looks like

Quiet luxury is associated with the ‘Old Money’ aesthetic, popularized by social media. It romanticized a return to elitist fashion, which largely features conservative ideals. Silhouettes are simple for women and defined for men. Neutral palettes are the stars of style. Skin show is kept as minimal as possible. In essence, quiet luxury focuses on timeless and classic fashion, which are associated with aristocracy and socialites of modern history. The aesthetic is heavily associated with the idea of being elegant and classy. The idea is to build a towering aura around oneself, without being showy and extravagant. The fashion sense of icons like Grace Kelly, or Audrey Hepburn is what the quiet luxury trend looks like.

Quiet luxury is as fashionable as maximalism, but with more wearability

The trend is the exact opposite of other-worldly maximalism. This is prioritized by an overwhelming amount of high-fashion brands. Logos, for example, have become an important fashion element altogether. Stylizing them into patterns, brands seem to give off a very loud impression of what high-fashion is supposed to be. Something that comes from a Versace runway would never win the admiration of quiet luxury enthusiasts. Something from Hermes, however, might pique their attention.

Quiet luxury is a trend that is doing the term luxury some justice. Items part of this style have a re-wearable quality, unlike the otherworldly pieces that will never see the light of day, unless there are cameras involved. The trend is bringing back practicality to high-fashion. These are costly pieces that value the craftsmanship and care that goes behind making them. They possess less showcasing-value, but are still worth splurging on. 

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Quiet luxury does not take away the art aspect of fashion. In fact, it channels a mix of minimalism and elegance with its dependence on clarity and simplicity. It is more about trying to channel a particular mindset and attitude. It is for people who want to build a commanding personality, without engaging in high-fashion that just isn’t made for the public eye. Looking sharp and classy in nude palettes is not boring for everyone. Quiet luxury is a style that has everyone’s back, and will never disappoint.

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