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Chrissy Teigen and the Bullying Saga: The Twitter Queen Has Been Cancelled


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Chrissy Teigen and the Bullying Saga: The Twitter Queen Has Been Cancelled

Chrissy Teigen has constantly popped up on social media trends for the past two years. Now, however, she has been accused of cyberbullying, by actor, singer, and model Courtney Stodden. Chrissy had been in the limelight by famously engaging in a humorous Twitter spat with then-President Donald Trump, taking a stand for sharing pictures of her tragic miscarriage, and now being vilified as a bully.

Stodden said that she had received abusive messages in private from Teigen. The former told The Daily Beast, that the latter would send messages provoking suicide. Teigen has since issued a public apology on Twitter, admitting she was “mortified” at who she was in the past. She also mentions that there are many more to whom she owes an apology.

This seems a total table-turner for Chrissy. Chrissy was known to be brazen in any kind of situation and put people in their place. She did so with Donald Trump and attracting support in massive numbers. Teigen also gained well-wishers when she was trolled online for sharing those pictures. But when the past comes to bite back, all good things go to vain. The former Lip Sync Battle host would hardly give anyone a feeling that she meant ill-wishes. Throughout the show and in recent public appearances, she appears as a bubbly and cheery person, with sprinkles of sassiness.

Designer Michael Costello also has jumped Stodden’s bandwagon, alleging that Teigen had also left a public comment on a post that was hurtful. However this time, Teigen and her husband John Legend both denounce the claims, claiming they are false. Teigen also made fun of Farrah Abraham, a former Teen Mom star when a leaked private tape sold for a million dollars. The tweet included an insensitive sexist comment, which has only been dug up now.

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For celebrities who attempt to rebound from a controversial past, the path is never easy. Teigen had been enjoying a good following up until this point, with trolls making deft use of the situation, Memes, jokes, tweets, about the incident continue making the rounds on multiple platforms. Even after writing a lengthy, apologetic blog post, less change seems to have been made.

Teigen has since been inactive on Twitter, probably because of the cumulative outcry of both good and bad things she’d said in the past. The platform’s ‘queen’ is the latest example of cancel culture. Cyberbullying has always had impacts on the young, and Teigen made those comments without any thought. Being a social queen comes with its consequences, which can cost the crown.

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