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In A Great Moment For Sportsmanship, Qatari And Italian Athletes Win Joint Gold in Olympics


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In A Great Moment For Sportsmanship, Qatari And Italian Athletes Win Joint Gold in Olympics

Undoubtedly, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics stands out the most in the history of the annual events. This year’s Olympics is already unique because of its setting amidst the pandemic. But, more memorable moments created since the games started have won hearts around the world, and set examples in the field of sports.

The game-changing moment

Another one of these moments was created just last Sunday. Qatar’s Mutaz Barshim and Italy’s  Gianmarco Tamberi now share a gold medal for the high jump event. Barshim and Tahir had both landed similar distances, and were in the running for the gold medal. After landing the same distance, an Olympic official suggested a ‘jump-off’ to settle. This is the moment when Barshim asked, “Can we have two golds?”

The honorable request from the Qatari athlete has sent heaps of praise to both him and Tamberi. The two were seen embracing each other with utmost joy. Together with happy tears and on top of the world, they walked while waving their flags behind. The emotional moment is going viral on the internet, commending the athletes’ sportsmanship.

To part from an Olympic gold is an extremely painful thing any Olympian will relate to. Both Barshim and Tamberi had suffered strenuous injuries, which kept them away from the sport in key years. The shared medal is easily a testament to their perseverance.

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People do not remember a good sportsperson by the number of wins and losses. They are rather, remembered for the sportsmanship they embody and display on the field. In 2018, Naomi Osaka defeated the veteran Serena Williams in the US Open, but shared the stage with her as she was called to collect her trophy. The aim of sportsmanship is to uphold the good nature of the sport. Sports are, truly, more than just wins or defeats – Barshim and Tamberi’s win is an exemplary feat of just that.

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