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Elon Musk Is Not Going To Be Happy About These Tesla Ecstasy Pills


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Elon Musk Is Not Going To Be Happy About These Tesla Ecstasy Pills

England and Wales have recorded the highest number of deaths related to drug poisoning this year. With the lockdown lifted, people are more than eager to step outside and party – really party. According to this 2019 report, the consumption of party drugs is more common than you’d think. However, there is a particularly dangerous pill on the rise – the Tesla pills. 

The Tesla pills are blue-colored high-potent ecstasy pills with the U.S. corporation’s logo on them. They’re much stronger than the usual ecstasy pills, making their users more susceptible to overdose. Bristol, a city in Southwest England, reported 20 hospitalisations and one death from July 23- 25. A 21-year-old from London was also found dead after consuming this dangerous pill. 

Tesla pills were first spotted in 2017 in Northumbria University following a Reddit post. Pills with logos of WhatsApp, Tripadvisor, Instagram and other silicon valley corporations were popular around this time. Maybe users find these companies synonymous with richness, thereby fun and frolic. However, most companies reached out to either denied any involvement or refused to comment on the mishaps. While these peddlers may be just piggybacking on the popularity of these corporations, there might be whispers and insinuations affecting the companies’ reputations. 

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The Police have issued official warnings to the public about these recreational drugs and clubs around England have also put out messages. 

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