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Afghanistan Is Now Doomed, Unlike What the Taliban Says


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Afghanistan Is Now Doomed, Unlike What the Taliban Says

The Taliban says war is over in Afghanistan. But the ghastly visuals coming from the country, are speaking the truth. A sudden coup has given the Taliban the victory it longed for 20 years. With the President gone and people scrambling to avoid impending doom, global media realized what the future would be like for Afghanistan now.

In this newfound and harsh media spotlight, the Taliban is putting up a very weak saint-like image. While the Taliban is busy forming a government, aware people outside are doing the job of taking that image down. Afghans know what Taliban rule is. Had they been anything close to a saint, the people wouldn’t have thronged airports to get out of their country.

Taliban’s Preachings Are Far From The Truth

They want to make the world think they will be able to run a government, while its members fool around in an amusement park. They looked no better than wild kids – who later burned down that same amusement park.

The Taliban follow a deluded and extreme version of Sharia law. Even Saudi Arabia, practices the same system. The difference between the two methods should make it clear, that which one is more wrong. The Taliban even give punishments such as beating a person if they fail to pray five times a day. Some equally deluded supporters of the group still support the terror outfit.

Days after giving a TV interview with a female anchor, the Taliban prevented two female anchors from continuing their job. One of them is Shabnam Darwan, a well-known news anchor in the Afghan media.  Darwan was reportedly told to “go home”. The media continued to show their grit after the fall of Kabul, by continuing news broadcasts with women anchors. The Taliban, which is already out asking for lists of girls to marry, is claiming they will allow women to have their rights. The ousting of the female anchors followed this statement on very short notice.

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War is far from over in Afghanistan. Afghans continue to throng the Kabul airport, desperate to strike any luck of escaping the doomed country. They know what is in store for them, far from what the Taliban is now preaching.


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