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A Tale of Two Countries: How USA and Mexico Are Addressing Abortion Laws


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A Tale of Two Countries: How USA and Mexico Are Addressing Abortion Laws


Both the USA and Mexico came under the spotlight regarding their standings on a contested topic: abortion. Texas passed a law that makes abortion a crime after 6 weeks of pregnancy. Women’s rights activists cracked down upon the decision, arguing how deploringly patriarchal the law is. Meanwhile, Mexico took a landmark initiative to decriminalize abortion. This single move gives women in Mexico more freedom to decide what to do with their bodies.

The Strictest Abortion Law In The USA

The Texas abortion law was all the USA could talk about in the past few weeks. The law, the most restricted ever in the country, is seen as a victory for right-wing enthusiasts. Also, a majority of those who back the law are men. Women have protested vehemently against the law as soon as the Supreme Court refused to intervene. Many women abort fetuses due to intensely compelling decisions, or if keeping the child can put the mother at extreme risk. It is obvious that female opinion and consent, were thrown out of the window as the law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

The law, weirdly also gives private citizens the power to sue individuals who they think are helping with an abortion – this even includes people who drive said patients to clinics.

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Mexico’s Court Ruling Comes As Relief For Women

On the other hand, Mexico’s Supreme court unanimously voted to decriminalize abortion. The law earlier allowed imprisoning women for three years, even for cases that involve rape. The ruling bench says that this is a “watershed moment” for women’s rights in the country. The decision also comes in light of femicide and brutal, violent acts against women across the country, that have plagued Mexico for decades now.

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