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Angela Merkel Steps Down as German Chancellor with a Starry Legacy Behind


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Angela Merkel Steps Down as German Chancellor with a Starry Legacy Behind

The German Chancellor has stepped down from office, with a lot of wins to prove her worth as an able leader. Merkel, in her career spanning 16 years, put Germany again as a powerful nation on the map.

Merkel is known for taking up projects and making decisions that other Western leaders shy away from. In 2015, she was the lone European leader who positively addressed the migrant crisis of 2015. The situation ultimately led to Germany bearing the brunt of the crisis, receiving around half a million asylum seekers that year. She had also spearheaded a sturdy climate action program, which includes phasing out coal and nuclear plants in the country. This stands as a remarkable decision, as Germany is a heavily industrialized country.

Merkel’s Illustrious Career in The European Bloc

Merkel is the first German Chancellor to leave office by her own will. In her career, she took on the likes of Donald Trump and his problematic diplomacy. She emerged as a strong leader internationally, especially amongst distraught politics ensued during this problematic presidency. Merkel also managed to save Germany from entering into the drastic turn of COVID-19; even countries like the USA fell victim to it, twice.

Germany is set to go for elections on September 26. Support for Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, had dwindled from 2017’s elections. Left parties like the Greens and far-right counterparts like Alternative for Democracy have instead taken away a share of Merkel’s voters. She expressed her support for Armin Laschet, the candidate who is likely to succeed her as Chancellor of Germany.

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Since 2005, Angela Merkel has done justice to her position. Single-handedly, she has driven Germany to become a superpower in the European Union. Without her leadership, countries like France are likely to occupy this position. She remains as one of the most notable leaders in the EU, duly earning the title of ‘the most powerful woman of the world’.

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