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Goodbye Facebook, Hello Meta


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Goodbye Facebook, Hello Meta

In an attempt to rise from the ashes, tech giant Facebook will now be calling itself Meta. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the news at the Facebook Connect event, expressing how the name will reflect the company’s involvement in a myriad of areas beyond social media. The whole company will be rebranding itself with this name, except platforms of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Zuckerberg has also announced the creation of a metaverse. This metaverse is a whole new virtual world, where people can do a lot of things using VR gadgets. He made clear that the future of Facebook, which will be split into the known network of apps and new areas that the company will work on. The name Facebook alone is not identifying with what the company is “building towards”.The signature thumbs-up logo will now be replaced with a blue infinity, as unveiled at Facebook’s headquarters in California.

Facebook’s flaws are the reason for its downfall

Facebook came under the fire for its loopholes when it comes to content policing over the recent years. The company continues to get the heat for failing to regulate hate and other extremist posts. Their fallacies in hate regulations remain questionable in the Capitol Hill insurrection, as well as the Delhi riots of 2020. In its most recent blow, a whistleblower leaked a set of documents called the Facebook Papers. Zuckerberg had to testify in Congress repeatedly for his company’s shortcomings.

The new name is Greek for ‘beyond’, which Zuckerberg will now use to define a new identity of the company. The metaverse will enable people to interact with digital surroundings, without being on the computer. The user can simply use a VR headset to enter into the metaverse.

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The news might take a little time to digest for Facebook loyalists, as they’d have to say goodbye to the name which began their social media journey. To associate with the blue and white thumbs-up will now be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, Twitter took a swipe at Facebook by simply tweeting, “Big news lol.”

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