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Madonna, A Long-Time Gay Icon, Might Just Have Come Out Herself


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Madonna, A Long-Time Gay Icon, Might Just Have Come Out Herself

In a recent TikTok, Madonna has implied that she identifies as gay. The video featured her holding up a pair of pink underwear, as the text reads, “If I Miss, I’m Gay!”. She throws the underwear at a trash bin, and as one would anticipate, misses. The TikTok has led to speculation that the singer has finally come out as gay. Fans are excitedly discussing the video, with some saying this has been implicit public knowledge all along.

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to know that Madonna has been hailed an LGBTQ icon for years now. The LGBTQ community has proudly claimed songs like ‘I Rise’, ‘Vogue’ and ‘Like It Or Not’ as gay anthems. And her support for the community is hardly performative – she has actually affected tangible change. Madonna has been an advocate for AIDS awareness since the 1980s, helping shut down misconceptions about the illness’s association with gay people. After losing a close friend, Christopher Flynn, to AIDS, her efforts to raise awareness only grew.

Madonna’s fearless support received recognition from people within the community as well as allies. In a memorable performance at the 1999 VMAs, drag queens recreated some of her best looks on stage. Her decades of tireless activism culminated in her receiving the GLAAD Media Advocate for Change Award in 2019.

Of course, we’d be foolish not to mention the iconic VMAs 2003 moment when she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage. She and Britney even recreated the kiss at the latter’s wedding earlier this year.

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All this and more has turned Madonna into a timeless gay icon and an inspiration for her LGBTQ fans.  Throughout her life, she has never shied away from being vocal about LGBTQ issues. She has proudly stood by friends and fans in the battle against bigotry. She may not have explicitly addressed her own sexuality in the past, but she became a voice for the community and a figure that gay people could identify with. Now that she has decided to speak out for herself, her LGBTQ fans are expressing their firm support and full encouragement.

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