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Immersive Vincent Van Gogh Show Will Come To India For the First Time In January 2023


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Immersive Vincent Van Gogh Show Will Come To India For the First Time In January 2023

Ever seen a painting so captivating you wanted to step inside of it? Since it is impossible to conceive a portal to the imaginative worlds created by our favorite artists, we have the next best thing: immersive art experiences. These exhibitions feature floor-to-ceiling moving projections that bring the artist’s brush strokes to life. For the first time in India, you can sign up for an immersive Vincent Van Gogh show happening in Mumbai in January 2023. You can watch Starry Night sparkle above the calming river Rhône or wander through a room filled with bright yellow sunflowers dancing on big screens around you.

Van Gogh 360° first started in Paris and was a hit amongst people who enjoyed his artwork on a multi-dimensional and emotionally complex level that wouldn’t have come from just seeing it on its original canvas. The exhibition tour then went on to be sold out in Tokyo, London and New York.

The multimedia production takes images from Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings during the last two years of his life in France and presents them as light projections that has an ‘Image Total’ — a 360-degree view — paired with a classical soundtrack. Van Gogh was severely underappreciated in his own life time and would have never imagined millions of people around the globe flocking to study his paintings in its miniscule details.

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So if you are looking for a cute date idea or even an unforgettable solo experience, Van Gogh 360° is the place to be if a trip to the Museum of Modern Art in New York is too far off and hard on the pocket. Registrations for pre-sale are open on BookMyShow.

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