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M3GAN Is Taking Over the Internet


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M3GAN Is Taking Over the Internet

Twitter’s new muse is M3GAN – a horror film about an AI powered, lifelike doll who goes on a murderous spree. Why, you ask? Although the plot’s trip down uncanny valley is fascinating in itself, M3GAN is quickly gaining cult film-like status among fans on the very first day of it’s release. In fact, the obsession with the titular character dates back even further, to when Blumhouse released the trailer in October 2022. Now that the film is finally out in theatres, it’s making even bigger waves.

Viewers can’t stop tweeting, making memes and starting up discourse about it. In fact, ‘M3gan’ even made it on The Tonight Show as Jimmy Fallon’s latest celebrity guest.

Films like M3GAN, and previously Pearl, gain cult status for reasons that go beyond just a great plot or fantastic performances (although they don’t lack any these things). For reasons that may often be online memes, they go down in pop culture history. The joke behind M3gan is that she’s an ‘it girl’ or an icon, far surpassing her contemporaries Chucky and Annabelle. Fans are delighted to see her terrorise, torture and wreak havoc – not in a disturbing way, but in a fun way. Much like the Babadook and Ma, the internet is hailing her as the next big queer icon.

A lot of that also has to do with this dance sequence from the film that fans couldn’t get enough of. As soon as it came out, the memes and edits began flooding in.

It’s a lot like this of video of Mia Goth in Pearl saying “Please, I’m a star!”. It became so popular at the time of the film’s release, fans turned it into a meme template.

Of course, the creators of the film capitalised heavily on its initial wave of popularity to bring in some seriously hardcore marketing. The social media accounts were quick to catch on and put out content that a chronically online audience would resonate with. M3GAN also quite literally took over several cities across the US.

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M3GAN is a superstar at the box office too, with a $26.7 million opening, and a 94% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is going strong, as expected, and is on its way to earning a spot among horror cinema’s most memorable pop culture moments.

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