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These Reddit users are definitely having a worse day than you, so we asked our community to react to these situations


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These Reddit users are definitely having a worse day than you, so we asked our community to react to these situations

If you’ve scrolled through all the reels on your explore page and are tired of seeing Musk’s tweets everywhere, might I suggest another social media platform where you can put your nose in other people’s businesses: Reddit.

This website has thousands of online communities where people can air out their dirty laundry. One of those is r/tifu (Today I Fucked Up) a forum where users can share their hilarious stories about when they found themselves in a strange or awkward situation. If you’re overthinking about an awkward moment you had, remember you’re at least not any of these people.

We can’t really guarantee that all these stories take inspiration from real life, but for the sake of this article, we have decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

This student who probably won’t pass this class:

TIFU not checking who I sent my Zoom message to
by u/akap21 in tifu

“If it were me I would be dead right there and never show my face in that class. Nevertheless, I would have contacted my professor directly instead of formal emails.”

Bharath Iyer

This person who ate mold for a YEAR

TIFU by ingesting mold for a year
by u/Krystalinhell in tifu

“CHANGE YOUR WATER FILTERS PEOPLE. Oh my God. Given my usual state of health, I probably wouldn’t survive injesting mold for this long- this would make me paranoid of drinking hot chocolate and I definitely don’t want to live my life being paranoid of hot chocolate.”

– Anonymous

This guy who received a heavenly message from his late grandmother while he was umm… doing it

TIFU being intimate with a medium
by u/GrannyGoAway in tifu

“I do not want to be thinking of my dead grandmother while having sex. And I’m sure my supposed dead grandmother does not want to send me messages while I’m busy. She’s too conservative anyway. If it were me, that person is getting ghosted right off the bat. I’m sure she’s used to it too.”

Arnav Raje

This father-daughter duo DEFINITELY needs therapy after this…

TIFU by trying to surprise my wife in the shower
by u/EmbarrassedDad84 in tifu

“Wow. That daughter’s future therapists are making bank out of this.”

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A reminder to check thrice if you’re watching sensitive content in a room with other people!

TIFU by watching porn in high volume
by u/Wathik-Jedidi in tifu

“Okay, first of all, never showing my face in family gatherings again. Second of all, how is it your first thought to watch PORN while you’re in the presence of your cousins and and aunts and uncles? What exactly is the thought process behind that?”

– Noopur

And this guy who’s the self-destructive main character of a CW show

TIFU by realizing the older woman I’ve been sleeping with for months is my coworkers mom.
by u/bleebloopo in tifu

“Good for him? I mean, it’s okay if a collegue is involved with my mom as long as they’re both happy, but the sharing explicit details part? God no, I would rather drown myself in a vat of acid than hear details about my mom’s sex life. Please. Just no.”


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