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Bridgerton Season 3 Doesn’t Quite Pack the Punch


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Bridgerton Season 3 Doesn’t Quite Pack the Punch

The patience of Bridgerton fans has been rewarded: a third season is finally available. Centered around Penelope and the imminent breakdown of her life, the new season is yet to release its second part. But somehow, the Bridgerton magic just doesn’t seem enough to drive it home this time. Perhaps it is the plot, or the continued reliance on a glamorized 18th century British countryside culture. Season 3 undoubtedly, fails to match the success of its previous counterparts.

The first part of Season 3 begins with Penelope’s myriad of troubles. She’s lost Eloise Bridgerton as her closest friend, her identity as Lady Whistledown is compromised, is yet to find a husband after three seasons, and is heartbroken after learning Colin has no romantic interest in her. Adding to that, she is also aware of Colin’s womanizing tendencies, and dishes out a harsh commentary of him as Whistledown. Penelope, in all frankness, is flailing everywhere in life. But unlike the other Bridgerton characters, she does not have a proper support system. And she takes it upon herself to change her state, by ditching her favorite spring hues and donning bleaker colors, for instance.

Where’s the novelty?

But save for that, there’s nothing new in this season of Bridgerton. Sisterly drama too kept viewers hooked to their screens in Season 2.  Season 3, however, has no distinct features to stand out. While everyone is happy that Colin and Penelope do end up together, there’s no drama behind their union. Things have also become repetitive, like the debutante ball and Queen Charlotte being unimpressed by the girls. Also, the balls, and whatever happens here. There’s the usual gossip, dancing, some attempts at charming suitors. These are things that we’ve already seen in the previous installments of Bridgerton. Also, Colin getting jealous at Penelope’s other advantageous prospects, and him being in denial of his feelings is already what Anthony did in the previous season, and better. The Anthony-Kate season set a record as Netflix’s most watched English show in a single week.

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What to look forward to in Part 2:

Bridgerton has played a gamble by dividing the new season in two parts, the latter of which will be released on June 13. The second part, however, does seem promising. The aftermath of the happy ending is a tensed one, as Eloise threatens to reveal Penelope’s secret to Colin. This also puts a toll on their engagment, and Colin begins to have doubts over Penelope’s constantly tensed state. Not only that, she is also at crossroads between enjoying future matrimonial bliss, and giving away her power over the ton. And as is with ton culture, the usual dose of balls and dances are expected. But a lot of loose threads left in Part 1 are going to be tied up in Part 2, giving viewers closure.

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