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Flipkart Supply Chain is Free of Single-Use Plastic Packaging


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Flipkart Supply Chain is Free of Single-Use Plastic Packaging

Flipkart, the e-commerce giant, has effectively removed all single-use plastic packaging from its fulfillment centers across the nation. Flipkart was able to do so in over 70 locations throughout the country. Delivering on their public commitment to switch to plastic-free packaging by 2021, which they announced in 2019.

As part of a long-term strategy towards sustainability efforts, Flipkart is working on a variety of initiatives. They aim to use sustainable alternatives such as paper shreds, recycled paper bags, airbags with carton waste shredded material, and the introduction of the Ply rolls. These will replace poly pouches, bubble wraps, and other single-use plastics.

Additionally, the e-commerce firm even claims to meet all Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements.

The Problem of Single-Use Plastics

As per 2018, UN report titled, ‘Single-Use Plastics: A Roadmap for Sustainability‘, Single-use plastics or disposable plastics, are widely used for plastic packaging and include products that are meant to be used just once before being discarded or recycled. Food packets, grocery/single-use bags, plastic bottles, straws, containers, cups and silverware are just a few examples.

In a given year, the world goes through the usage of nearly 4 trillion plastic bags. Only 1% of those bags make it to recycling operations. Plastic manufacturing necessitates the use of fossil fuels. These plastics are non-biodegradable and thus eventually ending up in the ocean. While plastics do deteriorate, it only breaks down into small particles, creating micro-plastics.

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The Next Milestone for Flipkart

As a consequence of the historic achievement, Hemant Badri, Flipkart’s Senior VP and Head of Supply Chain, reiterated the firm’s focus on its environmental obligations. He hails the abolition of single-use plastic as a “significant step” toward a more sustainable environment.

Flipkart, now, is also trying to use alternative packaging methods to curb its contributions to deforestation by working with seller partners. Direct contact (with the seller partners) will help the company fulfill client orders directly from their locations. As per the Hindu, by 2030, the Walmart-owned company has pledged to convert its whole metropolitan logistics network to electric cars.

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