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Female Athletes Are Standing Up Against Sexist Attire In International Games


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Female Athletes Are Standing Up Against Sexist Attire In International Games

Female athletes have made quite the buzz with their attire choices. The Norwegian Women’s Handball team was fined for wearing shorts at their game. And just two days ago, German gymnasts in the Tokyo Olympics wore unitards, instead of the regular leotards that uncover the legs. These choices are creating a commotion because female athletes want to denounce sexualization in sports.

Fined for wearing comfortable bottoms

The thigh-length shorts are apparently inappropriate, according to the European Handball Federation (EHF). The team now has to pay a fine of €1500. Even though the EHF claims that the rules aid in the player’s performance, the women’s team clearly has a difficult experience.

The focus is often on what the player wears, unlike their male counterparts. Sports attire for women has always been meant to bring out the feminine nature. The comfort and physical prowess of sportswomen falls second to looks when it comes to the attire rulebook.

What’s happening in Tokyo

The International Olympics Committee, however has stated that it is dedicated to push the sporting ability rather than “sex appeal.” The Tokyo Olympics is also the most balanced Olympics in terms of gender. Both the Norwegian Women’s Handball team and the German gymnastics team were lauded for their decisions to wear what they want. Sarah Voss, from the German team, said that they wanted to look their best, and show everyone that they “feel amazing”. Voss’s teammate Elisabeth Seitz stated the absolute normal truth, that “it’s about what is comfortable.”

Women across the globe are standing up against sexualization in sports, both by attire and by the media. Pop singer Pink has offered to pay the fines for the Norwegian handball team. In a tweet, she said she is “proud” of the team for contesting the “very sexist rules.”

These incidents are poignant to show that the onus is on women to decide what they want to wear. Comfort, ability to perform well, should trump over all other factors when it comes to women’s sports clothing.

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