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In Thanks To Amazon Employees, Jeff Bezos Has Done Little To Better Their Lives


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In Thanks To Amazon Employees, Jeff Bezos Has Done Little To Better Their Lives

Jeff Bezos has achieved probably everything he’d wished for; except for his marriage, of course. Bezos remains the world’s richest man, and now has also been to the brink of outer space and back. Bezos’s Blue Origin launched him and 4 others into space in a vessel called New Shepherd. After his successful return, Bezos took to the media and thanked his employees saying, “You guys paid for this”. Whether the gratitude to his overworked employees was truly heartfelt, we don’t know.

Petitions to keep Bezos in space started doing the rounds even before he went to space. Many netizens and lawmakers are angered at the working conditions their employees are in. Bezos is also a suspect of alleged tax evasion – being the world’s richest man does not come easy.  Senator Elizabeth Warren also criticized Bezos’ comment. She has called for making changes to tax laws in response.

Distressing conditions of Amazon employees

Amazon employees have voiced their extremely tired conditions – many saying they’re only allowed 5 minutes of break times. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called him out for not providing his delivery workers health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The workers in a particular warehouse only make about $37,000 a year. While wages see little increase, grueling shifts have only added to Jeff Bezos’s net worth amidst the pandemic.

The richest of the rich have spent years not paying taxes to the country. Lawmakers and other rights activists have also called out for the crème-de-la-crème of the business world to pay their share of taxes. John McAfee, who died last month in a jail cell, had also evaded paying taxes for years. While Jeff Bezos was having “the best day” of his life, Amazon workers have clearly been seeing difficult days for decades.


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