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Ukrainian Airline Opts For Pantsuits And Nike Sneakers Ditches High Heels And Skirts


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Ukrainian Airline Opts For Pantsuits And Nike Sneakers Ditches High Heels And Skirts

In Ukraine, high heels are making news, but this time in a good way. SkyUp, Ukraine’s leading low-cost airline, has updated its flight attendants’ uniforms. The Ukrainian airline has placed a great focus on the comfort of its female flight attendants. Thus they will now wear Nike Air Max 720 sneakers and bright orange pantsuits instead of high heels and skirts.

The unveiling of new uniforms on Ukrainian Airlines’ official Instagram account highlighted the need for a new perspective. While the profession (of flight attendant) has been around for over a century, the industry has not kept up. The idea of women in workplaces, in particular, has evolved significantly over the years. Therefore, the Ukrainian airline decided to undertake radical changes, as the stagnant industry required a fresh viewpoint.

As per SkyUp, Frame Fashion Consultancy, performed comprehensive research on their behalf, including a historical excursion and interviews with flight attendants. Consequently, the collaboration resulted in the development of the new SkyUp “champions” uniform.

GUDU, a Ukrainian fashion brand, collaborated on the uniform design. The cooperation resulted in the creation of GUDU orange pants suits, Nike Air Max 720 sneakers, Italian tan leather trench coats, and Silk scarves. The uniforms aim to emphasize the notion of mobility and represent the spirit of modernism.

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These outfits prioritize being both comfortable and are indicative of changing cultural expectations for female flight attendants on planes. While make-up will still be required, flight attendants will have a greater variety of hairstyles to choose from while donning their uniforms.


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