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The Baby On The Cover Of Nevermind Is Suing Nirvana


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The Baby On The Cover Of Nevermind Is Suing Nirvana

The world of entertainment never ceases to surprise us. Nirvana, the timeless rock band of the 80s-90s is being sued by the baby whose picture it used for its album cover, Nevermind. Now an adult, Spencer Elden is seen in a pool when he was 4 months old, trying to reach a dollar bill. Elden is suing the band for unauthorized use of the image, as well as child pornography.

What The Lawsuit States:

The album made a lot of money worldwide, selling 30 million copies. Elden’s case states that the band had agreed to put a sticker over the genital areas. US law, however, does not consider pictures of kids taken in a non-sexual intent as an offence. Elden, on the other hand, says the image amounts to a portrayal of him as a sex worker, because of the dollar bill.

Elden has recreated the popular image for the album’s multiple anniversaries. He is suing the band now, alleging it of benefitting it off of his picture. According to the lawsuit, Elden’s identity is now incomplete without the improper depiction. He also claims to have suffered “lifelong damages” and emotional problems. His lawyer says that Elden was seeking therapy for years, regarding this issue.

As compensation, Elden demands 150000 from each of the 15 people named, including Kurt Cobain’s estate managers and Courtney Love, Cobain’s ex-wife. The suit also names Kirk Weddle, the photographer and reportedly a family friend of Elden’s father.

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There is no word from the defendants as of now. Nevermind was a defining moment for Nirvana; post its release, Nirvana’s success skyrocketed. Elden acknowledges that he has been part of projects as an artist, courtesy of being the ‘Nirvana Baby.’ He reportedly began to have a negative attitude since he was referred to the band’s managers for a project, dismissing his worth.

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