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Nike Is Giving All Its Office Employees A Week-Long Break To Prioritize Mental Health


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Nike Is Giving All Its Office Employees A Week-Long Break To Prioritize Mental Health

In an attempt to combat workplace burnout and stress, Nike is giving its employees a break for a whole week. This week-long break is applicable in all of Nike’s offices around the world. Nike is emphasizing mental health for its employees, is encouraging them to recuperate and relax in their time off. This comes prior to a return to offices this fall season.

The recent spike of COVID-19 has once again put a hold on plans to return to normal work life in the USA. A top official at Nike wrote an optimistic post on Linkedin, urging employees to unwind and spend time with their families. The post also instructs employees to “not work” within this break.

Why Mental Wellness Is Important In The Workplace

Mental health awareness is still in its nascent stage in the professional space. The corporate world is now more open to champion mental health for the workforce, much unlike the public sector. Workshops, giving due time off, allowing suitable work hours are great steps taken to help employees de-stress. Not only does this establish employee-management trust, but also enhances productivity and a better work atmosphere. Workplace burnout and stress remains a rampant mental illness amongst employees. This often causes a rift in the work-life balance of a healthy individual.

Nike has been known to take up popular causes and advocate for them. The footwear giant stood by Naomi Osaka when she withdrew from the French Open, prioritizing her mental health. Nike also pulled down shoes that drew controversy, after Colin Kaepernick likened them to be a reminder of slavery. The shoes featured stars that represent America’s 13 colonies.

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Though this break might come as a relief to many office employees of Nike, retail stores continue to be open. Retail store workers reportedly had no clue that such an announcement had been made. Yet, Nike continues to build itself as a brand with a human face, attaching itself with need-of-the-hour causes and create conversations.

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