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Lil Nas X’s ‘Nah he Tweakin’ Is Sending Instagram in a Frenzy


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Lil Nas X’s ‘Nah he Tweakin’ Is Sending Instagram in a Frenzy

nah he tweakin

Who knew a tiny celeb tiff would start an overnight Instagram takeover? Lil Nas X and pro skateboarder Tony Stark did just that, and the now-viral ‘nah he tweakin’ was born. It all surrounds a very gory topic, though – blood.

What goes on in the minds of celebrities to produce products with blood in/on them, we will never know. Lil Nas X was produced with a lawsuit from Nike after he released his limited edition shoes, named Satan. The model actually featured a drop of human blood, also sporting images of pentagrams. The company, MSCHF made the effort to have satanic references in their strategy as well. The limited 666 pairs were sold out within a minute, priced at $1018 – a reference to bible verse on satan.

Nike later sued MSCHF, saying they did not have any involvement with the ghoulish shoe. They also stated that actions like these will cause ‘confusion’ among both brands. Ultimately, the controversy with Nike and public outrage caused Lil Nas X to backtrack and issue an apology.

What started it all?

Now, Tony Stark is releasing a limited edition skateboard collection, that stars his blood in its paint. Lil Nas X got on to point out the likeliness between their products, and also the quietness surrounding the new product. In a comment to a page that simply reported Tony Stark’s venture in a post, Nas wrote, ‘nah he tweakin’.

And so began an onslaught of trend-savvy people making use of a golden opportunity. ‘Nah he tweakin’ was seen plaguing comments in unrelated posts – the sentence was everywhere on Instagram. The event is so big that Instagram themselves addressed the situation, only to make light humour out of it. Lil Nas X’s comment on that post alone has close to 100,000 likes.

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Tweaking is a rap term, to indicate that someone is jolly high on drugs. Both Lil Nas X and Tony Stark, however, have not acknowledged the situation. Comment searchers, on the other hand, are not going to find any drama in the section this time. Everyone’s tweakin’ at Instagram, after all, for the time being.


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