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Immortality and Anti-aging are Jeff Bezos’ Latest Projects


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Immortality and Anti-aging are Jeff Bezos’ Latest Projects

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Being the richest man in the world surely unlocks doors to the impossible, as it has for Jeff Bezos. The ex-CEO of Amazon is now funding researches on immortality. His reason for doing so, is that he doesn’t want to get old, or die. The billionaire just completed his long-awaited trip to space this July, courtesy of his own company, Blue Origin.

Altos Labs, the people who are working to make human immortality possible, received funding from Bezos.  The organization is roping in scientists from top-notch universities with salaries amounting to almost a million dollars. Altos Labs is busy finding a method to mechanize cells so that they are able to elongate human lifetime. Before investing in Altos, Bezos also invested in Unity Biotechnology, a company that is working to overcome or reverse ailments that lead to aging.

Bezos’s Drive to Achieve The Unachievable

Bezos, his brother, Oliver Daemen, and Wally Funk made a groundbreaking flight to the edge of space and back this July. Paving the way for private space travel, businessman Richard Branson also made a stint at space flights. But the price of doing what Jeff does is out of bounds for the common man. The lucky Dutch teen who went to space with Jeff Bezos is the son of another businessman who paid for the seat. The initial buyer of the seat had trouble with the schedule of the flight but paid nearly $30 million.

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The realm of fighting death has been less ventured into by scientists. If there have been researches conducted in this aspect, there are none with breakthrough discoveries that give mankind hope. Given Bezos’ affinity to achieving the unusual, these projects are expected to be something he would really want to be successful. The news also has Elon Musk taking a dig at Bezos’ wild ventures, saying he would “sue death” if possible.

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