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Brad Pitt Launches ‘Genderless’ Skincare Line, Le Domaine


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Brad Pitt Launches ‘Genderless’ Skincare Line, Le Domaine

Actor, sculptor and now a skincare brand founder – Brad Pitt seems to be slowly unveiling his hidden talents to the world. He has launched his new skincare line, Le Domaine, and hailed it ‘genderless’. Pitt created this line in partnership with the Perrin family, with whom he also restored the Château Miraval vineyard and cultivated its grapevine.

According to the skincare brand’s website, the line was born out of “the same desire to preserve Earth and its ecosystem, to safeguard the riches of our world for future generations”.

“The goal is to imitate the organic cycles of nature, its primeval beauty. There is no waste in nature. Anything left over or discarded becomes food for something else. This exemplary circular system is the inspiration for Le Domaine.” Pitt is quoted on the website. Furthermore, products contain ingredients like grape and olive oil, and the line is 96% natural, vegan and sustainable.

Pitt and his team have combined two active ingredients to create their products – GSM10 and ProGR3. The former is a result of over 10 years of research by Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre of Bordeaux University. It is made by combining marc from Grenache seeds, Syrah seeds and skins, and is beneficial to the skin microbiome. It has proven anti-oxidant and anti-MMPs (matrix metallo-proteinases, such as collagenase, which destroys collagen) properties. ProGR3 comes from research on progeria. It is a blend of three natural molecules from plant extracts, vine sarments, camomile and green tea. It shows efficacy on the toxicity of progerin, which is the marker protein of ageing.

However, the line aims to present a different take on anti-ageing.

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“I don’t want to be running from ageing,” Pitt told Vogue in an interview. “It’s a concept we can’t escape, and I would like to see our culture embracing it a bit more, talking about it in those terms. Something we discussed [in founding Le Domaine] was this headline of “anti-ageing”. It’s ridiculous. It’s a fairytale. But what is real is treating your skin in a healthy manner.”

On the genderless aspect, Pitt told Vogue, “Again, I don’t know if it’s just that I believe in being all-inclusive as much as possible? Or maybe it’s about us guys needing help from others in understanding how we can treat our skin better? I mean, I probably got more from my female partners in the past.”

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