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James Corden is Being Called Out Again: This time, It’s Serious


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James Corden is Being Called Out Again: This time, It’s Serious

James Corden couldn’t have done something more outrageous than his role in Cats, right? Well, social media is calling him for being racially insensitive, particularly for running the segment ‘Spill your Guts’ in his late night show. The segment basically involves assigning one of the many uninviting foods to either participant (including Corden) and asking a question. The respondent either answers the question, or eats/drinks the food item otherwise.

Most of the time, the respondent ends up throwing the item in a handy bin after eating it.

A viral petition is doing the rounds, courtesy of Tiktoker Kim Saira who first talked about the rather offensive game. She argues how items like preserved raw eggs, and chicken feet are common in Asian cuisine, and are not at all disgusting to them as Corden and his guests make them seem like.


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Because there is almost no mention of whatever Saira pointed out by Corden, his audience has the same reactions as the guests. With a revolting expression on the participants’ faces and gagging sounds, anyone watching the segment would be repelled. Without having any knowledge of how disrespectful it is to the Asian community.

But Saira also wrote how “accountability culture” is better than cancelling James Corden. The Late Late Show host does not usually face criticism save for only entertaining digs at complex issues. Saira in a later video said that Corden could simply own up to his mistakes. Corden hasn’t responded as of yet, but the petition has already reached more than 30,000 signatures.


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